Christianity is in trouble.
This makes us sad, because we are Christians.

Whatever it is we Christians are trying to do, what we’re actually doing is a far cry from making “things on earth as they are in heaven.”

For years we have tried to do better, and we’ve watched all of denominational siblings try to do the same. However, there’s something deep in us, something instinctual, that is keeping us on this toxic path.

It occurred to us some time ago, that if it is our instincts that are keeping us in trouble, trying to modify our behavior won’t solve the problem. Core beliefs generate instincts. If our instincts are sick, we have to go back to the Story that informs them. This project has been rethinking the Christian Story we tell — our story about God, people, Jesus, the Bible, and the Christian journey.

Some time ago, our community did a year of Wednesday evening discussions. I (Doug Hammack), framed each week’s conversation with a mini-lecture, after which we talked together. Throughout that year we regularly met over coffee, in homes, and at lunch, to continue the conversation. We talked a lot (and still do). We did a lot of outside reading (we still do). We have been trying to rediscover a way of being Christian that works in the quantum era.

PrintAfter the year, I wrote this book about our conversation. We don’t think it is the final word on a Christian narrative for the quantum era. Not at all. Rather, it is a record of our community’s thoughts at the end of the project.

This is a historical moment of great change for the Christian church. We are in the throes of another Great Reformation. Consequently, as we go through the process, we won’t all agree on the particulars of how, or how fast, we should rethink our faith. But by all accounts, our religion has grown ill. We have to move. We have to think about our Story differently. Deep and abiding change is a given. We’re not sure what the final outcome will look like. but we have to engage the process.

We’d like to do it together with you. Join us?
Doug Hammack